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Core of KAMI and POIMUKATE metal roofing sheets is galvanized steel. Long-term world practice of using galvanized steel as a material for metal roofing sheets manufacture has proved that galvanization of steel stretches service term of steel products some times more.

Anticorrosive protection of steel products is a very important technical matter in the whole world. For last decades, hot galvanizing technological method has obtained fairly wide application.

Hot galvanizing is a process of coating steel with zinc which is very resistant to chemical degradation and mechanical damages. An essence of the process consists in sinking steel products into a bath with molten zinc at temperature of about 450 degree C. A preparation phase of steel products for this process includes degreasing, etching and fluxing. Because of the reaction between black metal and zinc the solid alloy emerges. Zinc coating laid upon steel in that way becomes a protective barrier narrowing down the influence of environment to minimum and preserving from any types of mechanical damages. It is important to note that zinc also provides electromechanical protection as zinc generates galvanic element upon contact with steel. Tension arising in the element leads to corrosion of zinc but not steel even in case of split of zinc covering as a result of extreme loading. Other anticorrosion systems generates either the protective barrier or the galvanic element. Only hot galvanizing unites these two methods into one bringing about effective and economical product that protect steel for many years.

Hot galvanizing technology was developed more than 50 years ago and nowadays complies with the hardiest requirements for anticorrosion protection of steel products and constructions. Hot galvanizing in comparison with all other known protective methods of steel products and constructions is best considering application technology and final service quality. Zink is long ago known as a material with necessary properties providing anticorrosion protection of black metals. Hot galvanizing practice starts from times when French chemist Melouin sank steel objects into the molten zinc for the first time and by this covered them with zinc coating. Results of tests were confirming that zinc applied to metal worked as a protector and reliably preserved metal. Since hot galvanizing became known as one of the best methods of anticorrosive protection of black metals which is nowadays certified by international standard.

Every year million tons of zinc are produced in the world. Half of this volume is used for anticorrosive protection of steel. For reference it may be noted that:

• Holland has 18 galvanizing plants per 16 mln. of population
• Germany has 180 galvanizing plants per 90 mln. of population
• Italy has 64 galvanizing plants per 50 mln. of population
• Spain has 48 galvanizing plants per 46 mln. of population

Also, it is important to note that, more than 5% of all steel constructions in Europe pass through "hot galvanizing".