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KAMI metal roofing sheets and accessories
Advantages and particularities of solutions offered

KAMI metal roofing sheets and accessories PLEGEL
KAMI metal roofing sheets and accessories TerraPLEGEL

KAMI roofing systems meet all requirements to be presented on the market in a worthy manner and be popular in the world:
- environmentally resistance – in process of production KAMI roofing systems assume adaptation characteristics for various climatic and weather conditions, abrupt temperature drops;
- resistance to damages - multi-layer coating of both face and back of the metal sheet ensures high durability and solidity of protection;
- resistance to heavy weights – production cycle of stretching and pressing of roofing sheets strengthens hardness of the material thanks to which metal roofing sheets withstand a weight of a mature person without deformation that surely contributes to considerable lightening of installation while construction of the roof;
- fitness for installation at angles from 12 to 90 degrees while a majority of metal roofing sheets of other manufacturers allows an installation angle of not less than 18 degree that naturally narrows their application gamut;
- light weight in case of high solidity – an additional advantage not only providing speedy installation but also bringing benefits from viewpoint of charges for transportation, loading-uploading; a weight of the steel sheet is from 4,5 кг./м2 that is an remarkable achievement showing that durability does not depend on weight;
- external beauty – advantage embellishing any house