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KAMI metal roofing sheets and accessories

KAMI metal roofing sheets and accessories TerraPLEGEL

It is already 30 years from the time metal roofing systems manufactured by Swedish KAMI ROOFING SYSTEMS Company began to be successfully sold on the world market. Products of this company can be seen around the world, they are designed for every climate and have a unique combination of functionality and beauty, thanks to which these products can be applied to virtually every type of building.

KAMI is a pioneer in a sector of roofing coverings – the first manufacturer that produced the first steel roofing sheets in 1977 combining noble aesthetics of traditional tiles with unbeaten advantages of steel: hardness, light weight and durability. In such conditions the PLEGEL classical roofing sheet was born – a standard that initiated further modifications of company’s products range especially TERRA PLEGEL – a steel sheet featuring a quartz-sand coating.